Dnsenum using information gathering tutorial

Hello Guys 

Today I will show you DNSENUM information gathering tool.

DNSenum is a pentesting tool created to enumerate DNS info about domains.

The purpose of Dnsenum is to gather as much information as possible about a domain

DNSenum is a very important tool to perform a quick enumeration step on penetration testing.
    Host address
    Name server
    MX record
    Sub domains
    Whois performance
    Reverse lookup for netblocks
    Use google to do the job done

1)Simple scan
     dnsenum google.com

2)Powerful scan use
     dnsenum --enum google.com

3)More power scan with sub domains
     dnsenum --enum -f -r google.com


if you get error like this

Warning: can't load Net::Whois::IP module, whois queries disabled.

--> apt-get install cparminus
--> cpanm -n Net::Whois::IP

Thank you (zer0w0rm)